Glynn County Board of Commissioners (Marshes of Glynn Libraries)

Log Number: ARPML-250474-OMLS-22

The Marshes of Glynn Libraries in Brunswick, Georgia, will implement an early literacy family engagement project to address community deficits in early reading proficiency. In cooperation with the Glynn County Schools’ public pre-K program, the library will share early literacy strategies that promote reading readiness with families of preschool students. Each week for 5 weeks, pre-K students will receive a bag of items focusing on an early literacy strategy (i.e., talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing). Each bag will contain three books, a learning tool or toy, and a handout with additional information about the strategy and suggested activities for the week. The library also will provide parents and caregivers with ideas for activities they can do with their children to improve reading readiness. The project will help the library reestablish early literacy outreach following the impacts of COVID-19 on family engagement with schools and public libraries.