Museum of New Mexico Foundation (New Mexico Museum of Art)

Log Number: ARPML-250495-OMLS-22

The New Mexico Museum of Art will create a digital platform encouraging educators to explore the close relationships between art and the traditional humanities of anthropology, archaeology, history, ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, and religion. This online platform will nurture visual literacy, broaden the museum's outreach and inclusivity, and improve access to its collections. Each of the project's 12 English-Spanish modules will offer ways to engage learners of varying educational levels, including through animations; online games; 3-D modeling; and videos with commentary from scholars, artists, and community leaders. The project's approach to distance learning ensures that the museum will continue creating and offering resources that connect people to the museum regardless of geography. The project also ensures that the museum's digital resources support educators and students challenged by circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic.