Jessamine County Public Library

Log Number: ARPML-250818-OMLS-22

The Jessamine County Public Library in Nicholasville, Kentucky, will purchase and equip a community connections programming vehicle to host a variety of off-site programs and better respond to social distancing needs created by COVID-19. The vehicle will allow outreach and programming librarians to introduce new ways of hosting outdoor programs that are flexible, safe, and responsive to the needs of people whose access to and use of the library's in-house offerings are limited. The vehicle will include a cellular Wi-Fi connection, outdoor furnishings, a porch-like awning, a sound system, and assorted gear and technologies. The Jessamine County Pandemic Stories Project will be the first program series, in which the library will collect and record oral histories and personal stories of the pandemic from residents representing all ages, regions, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.