Delaware Historical Society

Log Number: ARPML-250859-OMLS-22

The Delaware Historical Society will establish Delaware History Online, a set of virtual educational resources that will allow the public to learn about Delaware history from anywhere in the world. The program will include COVID Chronicles Delaware, a community-authored journal of the global pandemic as experienced by Delawareans; videos of museum objects, exhibitions, and tours along with educational packets designed for students in grades 3–6; and a digitized version of the exhibition Collecting Wilmington: Place, Perspective & Memory. The project audience includes the general public, as well as college students and children in grades 3–12 who are learning remotely or prioritizing digital field trips over in-person experiences due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The society expects there will be 30,000+ educational packet users; 28,000+ views of all 16 videos; and 600+ views of the online exhibition by December 2022.