Omaha Children's Museurm

Log Number: ARPML-251039-OMLS-22

The Omaha Children's Museum will increase its capacity to serve the community with additional staff, supplies, and transportation for early childhood programs that bring the museum into underserved communities. The Museum Without Walls program addresses barriers of access to informal learning experiences exacerbated by the economic and educational impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as low levels of income, lack of transportation, and language barriers. The program plans to bring museum learning to community events, including Omaha’s Pride festival, Cinco de Mayo celebration, Juneteenth celebration and other community events that focus on topics ranging from STEM education to local artisans. No fees will be charged to participants or partner organizations for Museum Without Walls programming, and the museum intends to select staff members who speak Spanish to conduct Museum Without Walls programming when working at events with Omaha’s Hispanic community.