Portland Children's Museum

Log Number: CAGML-247609-OMLS-20

After closing and laying off most of its staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Portland children's Museum will reopen its doors in adherence to statewide reopening guidance. The museum will rehire its props specialist, custodian, human resources manager, and manager of equity and inclusion, which are considered essential positions for reopening the facility in the safest and most equitable manner. The museum will produce new safety policies and manuals; a COVID-19 response plan for recurring outbreaks; a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan; an employee handbook; and enhanced human resources documents and procedures. The museum will measure project success by tracking attendance of general visitors and visitors from targeted outreach ZIP codes; the percentage of positive social media responses regarding organizational safety; increased staff and board racial and ethnic diversity; and the implementation of follow-up actions resulting from community listening sessions.