Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach

Log Number: CAGML-247803-OMLS-20

The Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach will bring essential services to students and adults in neighborhoods adversely affected by COVID-19 through its Mandel Mobile project. The Wi-Fi-enabled Mandel Mobile minivan will bring connectivity to families experiencing challenges due to lack of broadband access. The Mandel Mobile team will offer homework assistance and educational enrichment for youth, help individuals investigate free or reduced-price broadband internet plans, loan laptops and hotspots, provide ESOL evaluations and tutoring, and assist with job applications and resume building. Individuals and families in West Palm Beach will experience educational growth, career achievement, and increased acquisition of the English language. Mandel Mobile staff will collect data via Google Suite applications such as sheets and survey forms that will allow key staff to be able to review data in real time.