The Reinvestment Fund, Inc.

Log Number: LG-00-18-0299-18 (a)

Note: (a) denotes an amendment made outside of the original award year
The purpose of this Cooperative Agreement is to support a 3rd phase of a Community Anchors to Catalysts initiative(CC) with a long-term goal of developing approaches, tools, and training for museums and libraries in their efforts to become sustained and adaptive partners with their communities. The primary goal of this phase is to conduct a nationwide study, of the impact museums and libraries have on the social wellbeing of their communities. Components of this phase will include conducting a literature review, data collection and leaning, data analysis, and case studies that will include site visits to museums and libraries across the country. Findings from the literature review, data analysis, and case studies will be compiled into three issue briefs and a synthesis report for publication. Each piece will be reviewed and validated through stakeholder outreach, which will inform the final report with recommendations for museums and libraries to guide their future activities.