Asset Based Community Development Institute

Log Number: LG-00-19-0142-19

Over the project period of September 15, 2018 to Mar. 31, 2021, the ABCDI Team will: " Train and provide capacity building to grantees on community engagement, asset-mapping and partnership development; " Conduct in-person site visits and virtual meetings with grantees to observe, evaluate, and document community and stakeholder engagement approaches, activities, and working sessions; " Assist the grantees with plans to define and measure performance and outcomes, including adaptations and developments resulting from learning acquired through developmental evaluation processes and capacity-building activities " Provide tools and processes that directly and indirectly support grantees in revealing opportunities that deepen collaborations between grantees and community stakeholders; " Create a community of learning and practice among the awardees for mutual exchange of best practices, learnings and insights, and peer support; " Guide grantees to consistently document activities, insights and outcomes, including interviews, stories of the discovery of local assets, the evolution of partner relationships, and the benefits and challenges of community engagement; " Document additional activities, insights and outcomes in a consistent format as needed to complement work of grantees; " Create a framework to compare categories of challenges and opportunities across grantees and their projects (i.e., community socioeconomic characteristics, actor/stakeholder roles or types, strength of relevant networks, the extent to which a community understands and agrees to address causes of certain symptoms of challenges, and role and expertise of each grantee within its relevant community); " Collaborate, cooperate, and share materials with ORS evaluation in a mutually reinforcing format and process; and " Create quarterly learning distillations that show real time implementation of grantee learnings in ABCD, a Final Report, 2 yearly progress reports, supplemental resources (e.g., video documentation of lessons learned, ABCD community engagement and evaluation resource developed specifically for individual grantees) communicating lessons learned, methodologies that emerged and frameworks that were developed to inform awardees, IMLS, the field and the public.