Chicago State University

Log Number: LG-246366-OLS-20

Chicago State University will work with project partners A Way In and Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change to promote community renewal and resilience. The grant will bring together librarians and community partners to explore critical issues, resources, and activities for combatting recidivism and serving populations with severe access and engagement limitations or barriers. Through the planning grant, CSU will establish an institute with public library staff and community partners to foster innovative programs and services that support community members who are facing onerous and complex challenges such as poverty, violence, and incarceration; identify target users and their needs; develop promising initial solutions; and share details of initial insights and approaches with other libraries and communities. The grant will address critical community needs and address questions such as: 1. How do libraries prevent and combat poverty? 2. How do libraries prevent violence and support community members affected by violence? 3. How do libraries support successful reentry upon release from prison? 4. How do libraries support incarcerated community members and their networks of support? How can librarians grow trusted spaces to increase community engagement and dialogue?
Project Proposals