Society of American Archivists

Log Number: LG-246367-OLS-20

Fifteen years after it first launched, the Society of American Archivists (SAA) will perform a second cycle of its Archival Census and Education Needs Survey in the United States (A*CENSUS II), a comprehensive, two-part survey of U.S. archivists and archival institutions. SAA will survey: 1. every self-identified archivist/archival worker in the U.S. to gather information about demographics, education needs, job placement/status, and salaries, as well as perspectives on key issues in the field, and 2. directors of archival organizations to gather data about institutional characteristics, resources, strategic directions, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and access issues. A*CENSUS II addresses the information needs of archival institutions, education institutions, professional organizations, and researchers to better assess how archival institutions, the profession, and archival education must adapt so that archives can continue to fulfill their mission to society. Data and analyses will be made publicly available to support research and use by cultural heritage communities.
Project Proposals