University of Pennsylvania

Log Number: LG-246396-OLS-20

In partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Libraries, Digital Scriptorium (DS), a consortium of 34 institutional members representing American libraries and museums across the United States, will plan the redevelopment of DS's current digital platform to create a new digital infrastructure based on linked open data technologies. The objective of this project is to transform the digital platform into an inclusive, open access, online national union catalog of pre-modern manuscripts housed in U.S. collections. This planning phase will achieve the following four goals: 1. refine the purpose and scope of DS 2.0, 2. develop the DS 2.0 data model, 3. create a plan for technological sustainability, and 4. create a plan for financial sustainability. It also will serve as a model for how to rebuild an outdated digital project into a viable and sustainable platform.
Project Proposals