Berea College

Log Number: LG-246430-OLS-20

Berea College will create a model to build libraries' capacity in collective impact by enhancing collaboration between rural libraries and community stakeholders to improve 3rd grade reading. The project will refine, test, and evaluate the Rural Library Anchor Framework, which was created with an IMLS grant, with 22 libraries working to improve reading in this age group. Libraries will test the framework assuming different community roles, including as a backbone organization, contributor, or strategy lead. The project will enhance collaboration between rural libraries and community stakeholders by building libraries' capacity to: identify community needs, activate and align partners in addressing needs, and leverage existing resources to address needs. The project will result in a refined Rural Library Anchor Framework, training resources about the Framework, and templates for implementing the Framework. The project will help prepare libraries to better address community needs and accelerate educational outcomes for children in participating communities.
Project Proposals