Syracuse University

Log Number: LG-250128-OLS-21

The Qualitative Data Repository at Syracuse University, in collaboration with the University of Washington and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, will study the sharing, reuse, and preservation of research objects produced by qualitative data analysis software (QDAS). The recent development of a data exchange standard for QDAS provides an opportunity to study these problems and to develop tools that enable the preservation and reuse of QDAS research objects. The research team will address the following questions: (1) Which components of QDAS-based research are most readily shareable and reusable? (2) How can effective guidance for researchers improve the shareability and reuse of qualitative data? (3) How can repositories take advantage of new developments in QDAS formats to facilitate the deposit and exploration of such data? and (4) How can shared QDAS data be used to enhance instruction in qualitative methods and QDAS tools?
Project Proposals