Louisiana Board of Regents (LOUIS: The Louisiana Library Network)

Log Number: LG-250151-OLS-21

LOUIS: the Louisiana Library Network will develop and share a model for connecting open educational resources (OER) initiatives between secondary postsecondary institutions within a library context. The project will design and implement an OER textbook transformation program to support the expansion of high school dual enrollment (DE) courses in Louisiana. Through focus groups and workshops, school and academic librarians will build connections and capacity in DE and OER. Instructors, who may be stationed in either high school or college settings, will collaborate with library professionals to design openly licensed courses. Librarians will provide technical expertise in areas of pedagogy, instructional design, accessibility, and copyright in projects that span secondary and post-secondary education. In order to share the model, LOUIS will develop OER training modules, a whitepaper on OER preparation for school library certificate programs, and OER project management materials.
Project Proposals