Montana State University (Montana State University Library)

Log Number: LG-252307-OLS-22

Montana State University, James Madison University, and Iowa State University (ISU) will develop resources that support the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in libraries and archives. The project will produce deliverables that support responsible operationalization of AI in libraries and archives, including an environmental scan of AI projects in libraries; library and archives community-specific case studies; an ethically-relevant harms analysis tool; and a handbook to guide users through project deliverables. Strategic partnerships with influential library and archives organizations will support broad dissemination of deliverables and encourage community participation throughout the project timeline. Responsible AI deliverables will help practitioners consider ethical implications as they embark on AI projects that support increased impact and new uses of library resources. As subrecipients, ISU will be part of the project team generating and disseminating the project deliverables.
Project Proposals