University of Idaho (University of Idaho, Library)

Log Number: LG-252316-OLS-22

The University of Idaho Library, Kansas State University (KSU), and the University of Arizona (UA) will develop JournalMap, a prototype web service and database that indexes journal literature, parses it for the location of the study area, and then records that location. JournalMap will integrate with other search tools and databases to improve knowledge discovery and infer relationships with other resources based in libraries. It demonstrates the capacity to search for a given topic and use its location to find other sources from areas with similar attributes, which can benefit academic researchers across the country. JournalMap will become scalable, sustainable, rely on automated geolocation, and be open access. As subrecipients, KSU and UA will bring and analyze different types of document collections and database systems that require distinct integrations into JournalMap.
Project Proposals