Florida State University (Florida State University, School of Information)

Log Number: LG-252346-OLS-22

Florida State University, in partnership with Texas A&M University (TAMU), will complete an exploratory research project to identify and inventory the data quality assurance practices (DQA) of research data repositories. The project team will analyze repositories' data curation service descriptions and guides, policies, data use/reuse agreements, and metadata schemas and vocabularies for DQA themes. The team will then identify participants and conduct semi-structured interviews with 30 data repository managers and curators. Finally, the team will use thematic content analysis to analyze the resulting documentary and interview data and apply scenario-based task analysis to develop DQA design scenarios, a model, and a metadata vocabulary of the DQA work of research data curators and repository managers. The study's findings and products will inform data curators' DQA work, help them design and manage their DQA workflows, and identify and address data quality problems. As a subrecipient, TAMU brings to the project expertise in research information management and research data curation and will lead the content analysis of documentary data collected from research data repository portals and other sources.
Project Proposals