National Information Standards Organization

Log Number: LG-252384-OLS-22

The National Information Standards Organization, Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration & Innovation (PALCI), and Lehigh University Libraries, with 27 other partner organizations, will develop the Collaborative Collections Lifecycle Project (CCLP). The CCLP will create a suite of best practices, improve standards, and prototype middleware infrastructure for the development and management of cooperative collections development (CCD). The project will support varied implementation models, data interoperability and exchange, and sharing of expertise across a range of institutions and consortia. This project seeks to overcome serious barriers to wider implementations in libraries and archives, including the lack of available vendor-neutral interoperable systems, data exchange standards, adequate governance and decision-making frameworks, and assessment tools. The infrastructure and trust created by this initiative will benefit patrons of those libraries working in collaboration with CCLP tools. As subawardees, Ithaka S+R will conduct a research survey on CCD practice; PALCI and Lehigh University Libraries will support the project’s management, administration, and core activities.
Project Proposals