Pennsylvania State University (Pennsylvania State University, University Libraries)

Log Number: LG-254849-OLS-23

The Penn State University Libraries, on behalf of the Public Services Directors of the libraries of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, will plan and pilot a library-led service model for supporting hosted, open source, online homework delivery systems as supplemental resources for teaching with open educational resources. Upon completion of the project, the insights gathered will be available for any institution to learn from and replicate. After an environmental scan of homework systems used by member institutions and an investigation of potential homework systems available, the core project team will identify three to four instructors at each of the member institutions that will partner to evaluate both OER and a homework system appropriate for their courses. Instructors will provide feedback through interviews and discussions throughout the semester(s) that OER and homework systems are used in their courses. Students and faculty within Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions will both be impacted by this project.

Project Proposals