University of Idaho

Log Number: LG-34-19-0064-19

The University of Idaho Library will refine, test, and promote CollectionBuilder, a lightweight, flexible tool for creating digital collection and exhibit websites driven by metadata, and powered by modern static web technology. The tool will generate polished and engaging websites from spreadsheets of collection metadata, creating interactive visualizations for users to discover content and understand context from maps and timelines to data downloads. The project team will refine and expand the development of CollectionBuilder, optimizing its code base and developing documentation; build a community of collaborators and advisors to test CollectionBuilder and contribute to its refinement; and map the creation of future web publishing tools that situate libraries and information professionals at the forefront of their development and implementation. Unlike currently available platforms, CollectionBuilder is focused on providing information professionals with the mechanisms and support needed to independently create digital collections and exhibits without highly specialized IT systems or expertise.
Project Proposals