North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

Log Number: LG-70-18-0116-18 (a)

Note: (a) denotes an amendment made outside of the original award year
The State Library of North Carolina, in partnership with the N.C. Broadband Infrastructure Office and the Department of Public Instruction, will design and implement a model to enable North Carolina's public libraries to demonstrate the role they can play in promoting broadband access to address the K-12 homework gap in their communities. The project partners will hire a digital inclusion librarian to lead the project and partner with up to four library systems across North Carolina to provide Wi-Fi hotspots, digital literacy training, and support. The collaborators anticipate two project outcomes. The first is a toolkit outlining best practices for implementing the model to bridge the homework gap in communities across the U.S. The second is a compilation of existing digital literacy training programs curated into a set of resources. For participating K-12 households, the project seeks to encourage an understanding of the relevance of broadband and increase digital literacy skills and rate of broadband adoption.
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