Internet Archive

Log Number: LG-71-15-0174-15

The Internet Archive, working with partner organizations, University of North Texas, Rutgers University, and Stanford University Library will undertake a two-year research project to explore techniques that can expand national web archiving capacity in several areas. The project aims to build a foundation for collaborative technology development, improved systems interoperability, and an Application Programming Interface (API) based model for enhanced access to, and research use of, web archives. The project will outline successful community models for cooperative technology development work; it will prototype and test API-based interoperability; and it will explore how interoperability can enable new access models, improve discoverability, and expand shared digital services. In working with the Archive-It platform, now used by more than 350 partner institutions, results of this research will be directly applicable to libraries, archives, and museums around the country and the world.
Project Proposals