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New York University
Fiscal Year: 
New York
Recipient Type: 
National Leadership Grants for Libraries
Program Categories: 
Curating Collections - Planning Grant

New York University Libraries, in collaboration with the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, the NYU Center for Data Science, and ProPublica, will develop a prototype for a software tool to capture and preserve data journalism projects in a scholarly archive. The prototype will add to an existing open source computational reproducibility tool, ReproZip. The proposed extension will be designed to quickly and easily pack and unpack dynamic websites, enabling the first large-scale collection, preservation, and discovery of complex interactive websites. Storytelling with data has revolutionized modern reporting, and the dramatic increase in the production and popularity of data journalism projects can be seen both at news startups, as well as at legacy news organizations. These stories are an important part of the historical record, yet due to their technological complexity they cannot currently be archived or preserved at libraries, newsrooms, or cultural institutions. As such, they are disappearing. This project will alleviate some of this problem.

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