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Regents of the University of Colorado
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National Leadership Grants for Libraries
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Community Anchors - Research

The University of Colorado Boulder's Information Science Department, in collaboration with Boulder Public Library and Denver Public Library, will conduct a study to understand cultivation of computational literacy among parents and children. Up to 100 family members, including children ages 4-7, will create and learn together using design-based activities with computing during workshops facilitated by library staff. Researchers will use design-based research incorporating ethnographic approaches and the Connected Learning framework. The work will result in a model of family engagement with young children in computational literacy, resources for librarians, including a facilitator guide, project website, webinars and professional development at conferences, and evidence-based case studies of family participation and library facilitation. Children and parents will get first-hand experience with creative technologies; partner libraries will have increased capacity to engage children and families in computational literacy; and more libraries will be able to provide computational literacy opportunities for young children and families.

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