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Trustees of Indiana University
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National Leadership Grants for Libraries
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Community Anchors - Research

Indiana University's Department of Library and Information Services will explore community data reusers' practices across multiple states, including Michigan, Texas, and Massachusetts, to offer insights into developing and adapting public-library services to meet community data reusers' needs. The project team will support community members' data reuse by connecting them with existing resources and data infrastructure as well as helping them understand their data practices and reuse workflow. The project team will describe 30 community members' data-reuse practices and strategies and map the practices and strategies to existing infrastructure, focusing on public libraries. The team will also conduct a study of 15 librarians to investigate their roles in supporting their communities' data needs, efforts, services, challenges, and opportunities and the knowledge and skills librarians need to effectively deploy data services. Results will support development of a theoretical model of community-inclusive data exchange/workflow and collaborative work with partner libraries to design prototype library services.

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