State Library, North Dakota

Log Number: LS-246185-OLS-20

The North Dakota State Library will use funds to support the goals of their Five-Year Plan for FY 2018-2022, which reflect the purposes and priorities of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA). The goals are that the State Library: 1) Information Access – the North Dakota State Library enhances access to information by providing libraries, citizens, government agencies, and other key stakeholders with access to materials, electronic resources, and professional staff to meet the informational needs of all North Dakotans; 2) Institutional Capacity and Support – The North Dakota State Library provides services and resources towards advancing and improving the institutional capacity of the state’s library community to meet the demands of the public and support the continued professional development and training of the state’s library workforce; 3) Lifelong Learning – the North Dakota State Library strives to enrich the lives of North Dakotans by offering services and programs that support and promote continued lifelong learning; and 4) Human Services – the North Dakota State Library provides all North Dakotans will access to relevant library services, resources, and information that effectively addresses personal and professional needs of individuals and the civic, cultural, and economic needs of our communities.