Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Log Number: LS-246193-OLS-20

Texas State Library and Archives Commission will use funds to support the goals of their Five-Year Plan for FY 2018-2022, which reflect the purposes and priorities of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA). State goals include: 1) Texans will have access to shared library resources to meet their educational and informational needs; 2) Texans and Texas communities will have access to Internet connected resources and services through Texas libraries to meet community and personal goals and the support needed to sue the resources and services successfully; 3) Texans will have access to library services that support literacy and educational attainment, especially early childhood and family literacy, digital literacy, and lifelong learning; 4) Texans will enhance their workforce readiness, including business and entrepreneurial endeavors, through use of materials and services at their libraries; and 5) Texans will receive library services that effectively respond to community needs.