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Parrish Art Museum
Fiscal Year: 
Water Mill
Recipient Type: 
Museums for America
Program Categories: 
MFA-Learning Experiences

The Parrish Art Museum, in partnership with local school districts, will develop, implement, evaluate, and refine visual arts-based units of study for students. Each 12-week unit will be built around objects from the museum's permanent collection, will support Common Core State Standards, and will connect with learning outcomes in core subject areas. This new initiative will support teaching and learning in schools that are under the combined pressures of budget cuts, new standards, and increasing numbers of English-language learners. The project will increase student engagement and learning in the visual and language arts; provide young people with skills and opportunities to find personal meaning and relevance in art; and develop classroom resources for the museum's permanent collection in order to make this learning resource more accessible to local schools. Success will be assessed annually through participant interviews to measure change in understanding of and interest in visual art and the museum experience.