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City of Raleigh Museum
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Museums for America
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MFA-Learning Experiences

The City of Raleigh Museum will plan its first major exhibition, CityLab, which will become a permanent exhibition located in the main gallery of the museum in downtown Raleigh. CityLab will explore how Raleigh has progressed and developed over time, and encourage and inspire visitors to consider what Raleigh will become. Activities include the selection of a design firm; focus group sessions with members of the local university community, teachers, and representatives from the local area; the development of curriculum and related programming; and a final design plan for the exhibition. The exhibition will support the museum's mission to preserve and celebrate Raleigh, and, through the exhibition, the museum will become a valued cultural resource that is an integral part of the community it serves. The intended outcome for the exhibition will be to expand visitors' understanding of city functions, how the city has changed and will continue to change over time, and how each individual may have an impact.