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Pratt Museum
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Museums for America
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MFA-Learning Experiences

The Pratt Museum, in collaboration with seven diverse communities of South Central Alaska, will explore the cultural values that make each community unique. Through a series of community conversations, directed interviews, and musical performance events, community members will share and learn more about their own traditions, inspiring intergenerational learning, and community pride. The process will preserve heritage by documenting songs, recipes, and stories, as well as the meaningful underlying values conveyed through these traditions. Radio broadcasts, public events, and the publication of a culturally rich cookbook, with an accompanying music album, will make this content accessible to communities and the wider world. The book will draw from outreach material, focusing heavily on original voices with sensitive interpretation, and will integrate stories of food, music, and rich photographic imagery. Through this process, community members will learn about their neighbors and about international foods and sounds that have become part of their way of life, enabling them to see the similarities and differences among them.