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New England Wild Flower Society
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Museums for America
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MFA-Learning Experiences

The New England Wild Flower Society will develop and administer an educational outreach program intended to create a network of pollinator gardens throughout New England that are filled with plants that support a broad diversity of pollinators, addressing the drop in pollinator populations across the U.S. Program activities include developing and administering a suite of available learning opportunities delivered through a variety of educational materials. These materials include an online course, accompanying educational materials and manuals for garden installation and care, interpretive signage which homeowners can display, and social media sites where homeowners can share their results. As a result of program participation, homeowners will have an increased awareness of pollinator decline, and have heightened motivation to convert part of their yard into a pollinator garden to address this decline. Further, program participants will be prepared to exert influence on the rest of their local community to encourage installation of additional pollinator gardens.