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Friends of Peralta Hacienda Historical Park
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Museums for America
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MFA-Community Anchors

The Peralta Hacienda Historical Park will develop and implement programs designed to mentor teens from the diverse, low-income community of Fruitvale in academic, civic, and leadership development. In response to community needs identified at input meetings and story circles held at its facility, the museum will work with refugee, immigrant, and African American high school youth through on-site internships. These internships will provide youth the opportunity to learn the history of the community and research their own stories in a global context, and share them with the Bay Area public as they plan and produce public events, indoor and outdoor exhibitions, receive training to serve as tour leaders, and organize community forums. The project will also create an Ethnic Studies Experience tour for students in grade 10 throughout the district. . Project partners include The Unity Council, Lao Family Community Development, the Oakland Unified School District, and California State University, East Bay.