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Central Sierra Historical Society & Museum
Fiscal Year: 
Shaver Lake
Recipient Type: 
Museums for America
Program Categories: 
MFA-Community Anchors 25K

The Central Sierra Historical Society and Museum will conduct a series of workshops that explore the legacies of past natural resource management with the goal of improving environmental outcomes in the future. The museum will host three sets of two-day workshops on the subject of wildfires-one for policy makers, one for active resource managers such as firefighters and loggers, and one for the general public. Various experts will share historical information with participants on the first day of each workshop. The following day, participants will be bused to locations throughout the Sierra National Forest that demonstrate the information shared on the previous day. Attendees will see firsthand the different methods of forest management that have been implemented. Participants will be able to articulate the historical effects of fire, regulations, cultures, and climate change on ecosystems. The community will learn how the historic occurrences of the past have affected the way the central Sierra looks and functions today.