Integrated Community Alternatives Network, Inc. (Children's Museum of History, Natural History and Science at Utica, NY)

Log Number: MA-245761-OMS-20

A unique partnership between the Integrated Community Alternatives Network and the Utica children's Museum-a New York state children's museum/behavioral health nonprofit partnership-is working to create a new children's museum incorporating trauma-informed universal design concepts. The project, titled Utica children's Museum 2.0 (Museum 2.0), will serve approximately 80,000 children and the adults who care for them in a five-county region and will be inclusive of all children-especially those who are on the autism spectrum, have experienced trauma, or live in poverty. It will provide a safe, communal space that encourages learning and play. Anticipated outcomes of Museum 2.0's universal design focus include fully accessible building and exhibits, audience-based activities reflecting community educational needs, complete inclusion of diverse cultural/socio-economic groups, collaborative relationships with local schools, and regional portability via the Mobile Museum without Walls.