Grand Rapids Public Museum

Log Number: MA-249073-OMS-21

The Grand Rapids Public Museum will improve the housing, accessibility, and environmental conditions for 47,500 specimens in its natural history collection by installing new storage units that meet the museum industry’s highest standards. The natural history collection is composed of invertebrates with a rigid skeleton, botanical specimens, rocks and minerals, birds (mounts, skins, & eggs), fossils (vertebrate & invertebrate), mammals (mounts, skins, & skeletons), and reptiles (mounts & skeletons). Most of the natural history collection is currently stored on open, steel shelving and in old cabinets with wood drawers. This project will allow 95% of the museum’s natural history collection to be stored in fully enclosed cabinets, protecting specimens from light, dust, moisture, and pests. When complete, the project will provide 34% more storage space and ensure the long-term preservation of the unique collection.