Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Log Number: MA-249371-OMS-21

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History will implement “SLAM Dunk,” a multidisciplinary initiative centered around Dunkleosteus terrelli, the largest predator and one of the fiercest creatures alive in the Devonian “Age of Fishes,” and for which the museum hold the best-preserved fossils. Each East Cleveland City Schools Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade class will visit the museum for extended programming twice each school year. Museum educators will visit classrooms three times each school year. Museum staff will work with East Cleveland teachers on professional development offerings to increase teachers’ comfort level working with science content. Each school will receive an Educator Resource Center membership along with books and STEM materials. The museum will organize a family day at the museum each spring and provide scholarships for rising 3rd grade students to attend the museum’s week-long summer camps.