University of Texas at San Antonio (The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries and Museum)

Log Number: MA-251868-OMS-22

The University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries and Museum will carry out a digitization and cataloging project that will contribute to the long-term preservation and increased access to a collection of at-risk audiovisual items produced by the Institute of Texan Cultures. Informed by a previous assessment of the collection that identified conservation priorities, the project will entail cataloging, rehousing, and moving thousands of collection items to climate-controlled storage. The museum will hire an audiovisual archivist to survey the collection and standardize project metadata.  A contracted vendor will digitize prioritized at-risk items from the collection, and graduate and undergraduate student assistants will aid staff in the cataloging and rehousing of the collection. In addition to advancing knowledge and understanding about the diverse communities living in the state of Texas, the project will provide practical experience and training for university students.