Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Log Number: MA-252077-OMS-22

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science will conduct a three-year project to advance collections stewardship for logistically challenging large bones of dinosaurs in the Morrison Formation fossil collection. The project will increase access to these scientifically significant specimens—including holotype specimens—for scholars and the public. Project activities will include repairing, preparing, rehousing, archival cradling, and 3D scanning the specimens. It also will support purchasing 3D scanning equipment for large specimens. The project will offer numerous opportunities for early-career paleontologists through a term preparator position and three paid internships that will make significant specimens available for study for the first time. This project will result in improved care of this collection, enhanced collections access, and a wider dissemination of the collection and its significance for museum visitors, the general public, researchers, and communities where the fossils originated.