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Fabric Workshop Museum
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Museums for America
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Collections Stewardship
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The Fabric Workshop Museum (FWM) will digitize, catalog, and back up 37 years of visual media documenting residencies and subsequent works created by 800 important contemporary artists into a Digital Asset Management System. Activities will include digitizing and cataloging 2,850 video files and 20,000 analog photographs; adding interpretive text to digital media files in CatDV; integrating and cross referencing the CatDV catalog with EmbARK 9.1, the collections management database; publishing 220 video clips and 550 collection photos to a new website feature, "From the Vault"; and making the full contents of the digital media archive easily accessible to museum visitors and researchers through new onsite Learning Stations. The resulting database will improve the museum's capacity to manage its collections and support the core mission of FWM to inspire artists, students, apprentices, and the general public by cultivating experimentation with new materials and new media. To measure the project's success in reaching its goals, museum staff will conduct two participant surveys, track site use through Google Analytics, and track onsite visitation through logs and zip codes.