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Feiro Marine Life Center
Fiscal Year: 
Port Angeles
Recipient Type: 
Museums for America
Program Categories: 
MFA-Museums Empowered 25K

Feiro Marine Life Center will lead a community effort to improve capacity to conduct evaluation of programs, products, and practices across a rural region on the Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. By collaborating with six local partners, the center will engage an external consultant to implement a model of evidence-based practices for evaluation capacity building, through a face-to-face workshop, monthly web conference-based technical support, and the development and implementation of an evaluation during the project period. The six organizations will work collaboratively to form a learning circle focused on both increasing the capacity of individual organizations and organizations working collectively to conduct evaluations. Participating individuals will build their skills in evaluation planning, data collection, and results analysis, and organizations will build skills in using results to communicate their effectiveness in the community.