Indianapolis Museum of Art

Log Number: MG-00-18-0068-18

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) at Newfields will pilot a collaborative project with two museum content partners and ten K-12 educators to build a shared digital platform through which museums can leverage their digital collections data and assets to serve the educational needs of the nation’s educators and students. The IMA’s Newfields Lab will serve as project managers and platform developers, with the museum content partners contributing digital collections data, assets, and interpretative content. The ten K-12 educators from around the country will serve as co-creators and pilot testers of the products. Directly engaging and collaborating with the education sector will make it possible for museums to better understand the needs of 21st century learners and identify ways in which museums can leverage their collections in the creation of digital content for students and teachers. A cohort of up to ten additional museums will also test the platform using their collections-based content. During an additional year, the project team will onboard 35 additional museums, add resources and functionality to the platform, and provide an opportunity for all museums to link their digital educational content to the Museums for Digital Learning (MDL) platform.