Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Log Number: MG-10-17-0040-17

In partnership with the American Alliance of Museums, the Association of Children's Museums, and the Association of Science-Technology Centers, the San Jose Children's Museum will expand the scope of the Cultural Competency Learning Institute (CCLI). Launched in 2012, the CCLI is both a professional development process and a set of resources designed to help museums increase their institutional capacity for addressing diversity and inclusion. The museum will invite 15-18 museums to join this community of practice, and will develop, track, promote, and support their efforts to become more engaged with issues of inclusion and cultural competence. The project team will develop benchmarks, metrics, and indicators to gauge progress and to document shifts in museums across discipline by conducting a field-wide national landscape survey. The training model invites and supports museums to identify and build from their strengths in order to maximize the benefits of diversity within their workforce and improve the services offered to people from different backgrounds.