Boston Children's Museum

Log Number: MG-20-15-0057-15

Boston children's Museum will strengthen and expand existing regional Massachusetts networks of museums, libraries, community organizations, and the state early learning systems to support school readiness for children and families across groups and especially those in underserved communities. Family and child preparation for kindergarten is a critical element in building a strong foundation for all aspects of child development. Museums and libraries offer invaluable opportunities to address disparities in access to school readiness activities and programs. This project will support, strengthen, and sustain existing museum and library networks by identifying lead organizations within regions that will act as hubs; develop and evaluate a collective impact model for replication and dissemination to other states; design, prototype, and evaluate new program ideas, activities, and materials; and pilot-test the replication and dissemination of successful practices. The museum will also share the details of their work and their ongoing evaluation findings with the museum field throughout the three-year project.