Visitor Studies Association

Log Number: MG-253082-OMS-23

Visitor Studies Association will update their Evaluator Competencies; a framework established 15 years ago that does not currently incorporate skills and dispositions that are essential to equity-focused evaluation practices. Project activities will include insight gathering through a scan of best practices and listening sessions with a broad range of stakeholders; an iterative, participatory design and development process; and pilot-testing of dissemination and training strategies for a broad range of audiences. The project will result in a toolkit, self-assessment tool, self-training modules, conference sessions, blogs, workshops, and webinars. Rethinking the framework will 1) help current visitor studies professionals build the skills, dispositions, and mindsets needed to support museums in creating equitable access and sense of belonging for all; and 2) broaden access for entry into the field, particularly for those coming from marginalized communities who have been underrepresented in visitor studies and museum professions.