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Games For Change
Fiscal Year: 
New York
Recipient Type: 
National Leadership Grants for Museums
Program Categories: 
NLGMuseums-Digital Assets

Games for Change will partner with eight museums to create replicable approaches for integrating game design and civic engagement into museum education programs. The project will be based on the methods and materials tested and applied through the national Games for Change Student Challenge. The project will begin with an initial planning year. In this stage, an advisory group of museum educators and experts in digital media and learning will work with museums in two cities to pilot the integration of the game-design into museum education programs. Following evaluation and revision of that pilot, the program will expand to two additional cities. In each city, five museum educators and teaching artists will learn the game design curriculum and how to lead a social impact game design course in their institution or with school partners. The museums will present workshops and game jams and host a citywide challenge as a culminating event in each city. In July 2020, additional funding was awarded to expand original activities to museums in cities hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic - Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle - where game challenges will encourage teens to creatively respond to the impacts of Covid-19 on their communities.