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Troy University (Rosa Parks Museum)
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Museum Grants for African American History and Culture
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The Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University will develop two traveling exhibits highlighting the nonviolent protests associated with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which was organized to overcome unconstitutional segregation laws on public transportation. The Legacy of Rosa Parks exhibit will provide an overview of the history of the museum, the life of Mrs. Parks, the success of the boycott, and the relevance of nonviolent disobedience today. The Women of the Montgomery Bus Boycott exhibit will focus on five courageous women of the boycott. The exhibits will be displayed in schools, universities, churches, public libraries, and museums. The project team will consult with local teachers to develop a supplementary K-12 curriculum and outreach programming, and create interactive learning activities that will be presented on iPads for visitors of the exhibits. Both formative and summative evaluation will guide the project and measure its success in achieving goals.