Museum of African American History

Log Number: MH-249505-OMS-21

The Museum of African American History (MAAH) will complete cataloging and rehousing the collections items in storage on Nantucket Island, as well as build further capacity and knowledge for MAAH staff and a student intern through collections-related training. The project will result in a complete catalog of the MAAH collections in storage on Nantucket, along with increased documentation and preservation standards, implementation of better location controls, preservation maintenance cleaning of the furniture collection, and staff training in cataloging, climate monitoring, and preservation housekeeping. Consultants will help gain full intellectual and physical control of the museum's Nantucket collections, benefiting both scholars and the general public who visit the Nantucket campus. With a detailed understanding of their collections, MAAH can showcase items via on-site, digital, and/or social-media-based exhibits and interpretation.
Project Proposals