Sealaska Corporation

Log Number: MN-249617-OMS-21

Sealaska Corporation will create five culturally responsive lesson plans for use by elementary and middle school students in Juneau, Alaska. The 200 students to be served by the project will visit the Sealaska Heritage Institute with their teachers to participate in inquiry-based educational programming focused on the museum’s 1982 Biennial Celebration, which revitalized the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian cultures. The project builds on previous grant awards from IMLS and NEH to digitize and edit footage from the Celebration festival. The Sealaska Heritage Institute will draw from content in 24 edited videos of the event, as well as from resources in its archives and collections to create the lesson plans. . The project team will use pre and post student and teacher surveys to write and deliver a paper on the project to the museum community.
Project Proposals
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