Koniag, Inc.

Log Number: NAE-246603-OLS-20

Koniag, Inc. will partner with the Alutiiq Museum and Archaeological Repository to develop and share Alutiiq history resources in the Koniag Cultural Library. The Quliyanguarpet "Our Story" project will create two books, an Alutiiq storybook for elementary school student and an Alutiiq history book for high school students and the public. Written by local experts, the books will include cultural imagery and Alutiiq vocabulary and be professionally designed and edited, reviewed by elders, educators, and community members, and published in both print and digital versions for free distribution under a Creative Commons license. Alutiiq Museum will create four lesson plans tied to state social studies standards and two video presentations for educators. The project will develop and share trustworthy library resources to promote life-long learning among students, educators, tribal members, and the public.
Project Proposals
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